Three months ago I came to see Dr. Alavi for my relentless, neverending nasal drip. I had to carry a tissue with me at all times. During my consult, he informed me that I also had a deviated septum. I went in for the sinuplasty and correction of my septum the next week. The procedure was in the office, painless...
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My experience with Dr. Alavi was a great one. He is what all healthcare professionals should strive to be. He was not only considerate and compassionate but also attentive. Like all great doctors, he left me worry-free and answered all the questions and concerns any patient would have.
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I want to thank Dr. Alavi and his staff for taking such great care of me during my ear surgery and ensured that I received the best high-quality care. Thank you for being so great and compassionate! I cannot begin to express my satisfaction with Dr. Alavi and his staff, from the front desk to the nurses and the doctor....
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I don’t have words to express my gratitude to Dr. Alavi. First, he performed a surgery to remove my thyroid. He took the time to explain the risks and made me feel relieved. My surgery was successful and I didn’t get scars. Therefore, when my son needed to have his tonsils removed by Dr. Alavi I was secure that my...
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I recently had septoplasty with Dr. Alavi and I was so happy with the help and attention from him and his staff. Front desk is very sweet and accommodating.
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I have had a few medical "adventures" and have met many great doctors.
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This experience was very overwhelming in the beginning
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